Honors Application
College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University
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Honors Application

Honors Scholars for Community and Collaborative Leadership at CSB/SJU is looking for students who:
  • Have a GPA of 3.85 or higher
  • Enjoy a wide range of intellectual interests
  • Are self-motivated and want to put their theoretical learning into practice
  • Desire personal growth through meaningful reflection
  • Value community and working together toward a shared purpose
  • Are willing to step outside of their comfort zone, challenge assumptions and take collaborative action for the common good
Essay #1
Think about a sustained commitment you are making (or have made) – to a person, an organization, an initiative. In 300 words, tell us a story (not simply a description) about this commitment of yours that explains what you have learned about collaboration and/or community from it.

Essay #2
Imagine you have the opportunity to change one thing about your high school. In about 300 words, describe what you would change and why.

*Note:  Your application for admission to the colleges may be consulted in addition to your application to Honors Scholars.