Music Scholarship Application
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Music Scholarship Application

Priority Consideration Date: January 15, 2023
Steps to apply for a Music Scholarship
1)Submit the online Music Scholarship Application (scroll down to complete application).
2)Send the link to our Art, Music and Theater Recommendation Form to music teacher or instructor to complete.
3)Send an audition recording to Kelly Brueske ( The entire recording should not exceed six minutes in length. Please see the below "Recording Guidelines" section to understand what your recording should include. 
*Recording formats can be MP3, MP4, Youtube link, or .mov file

We will begin reviewing your materials immediately upon receipt. CSB+SJU music faculty members will carefully review submitted recordings within 10 days to determine scholarship eligibility. 

Recording Guidelines

Video Requirements

All audition materials on the video must be done in one, continuous, un-edited take. (Keep the camera on at all times through the audition). Your face and fingers/valves/slides/bow/sticks must always be visible in the video.

Upload your video to YouTube as an "unlisted" video. Secure a download link for the file that you can share with us. Please check to make sure that the permissions will allow us to view your video. There will be a place within your scholarship application form for you to share the link to your audition video.

  • Guitarists will perform one solo classical guitar selection or excerpt of the selection and one selection of your choice in any style, ensemble or solo.
  • Instrumentalists will perform two contrasting selections (similar to state contest repertoire).
  • Organists will perform a representative work from Bach or his contemporaries and a short Romantic or Modern organ work; in lieu of one piece of repertoire, organists may choose to play two hymns or a hymn and another representative piece of liturgical music. 
  • Percussionists will perform one snare drum and one mallet piece. 
  • Pianists will perform two contrasting selections from the classical piano repertoire from the intermediate to advanced levels.
  • Vocalists will perform two contrasting selections from the classical solo vocal repertoire by composers including but not limited to: Michael Head, Roger Quilter, Aaron Copland, Schubert, Haydn, Handel or the traditional Italian literature.

Please Note:

  • Students may be considered for a music scholarship at any time during their junior year and through their senior year* of high school. *For priority scholarship consideration, we ask that students submit their application by January 15 of their senior year.
  • Students do not have to major or minor in music to receive a scholarship.
  • Current CSB+SJU students are not eligible to apply for Fine Arts Scholarships.
  • Students must comply with the Music Scholarship requirements in order to maintain the Music Scholarship for four years at CSB+SJU. Compliance with the requirements will be met if the student is:
    • Participating in a major ensemble at CSB+SJU (Chamber Choir, Men's Chorus, Women's Choir, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, or Jazz Ensemble). 
    • Keyboard (piano and organ) students may fulfill their scholarship requirement by taking piano or organ lessons, participating in an ensemble of their choice, or by enrolling in MUSC 240-01A or 02A Ensemble Performance where they will accompany for Music Department instrumental and vocal applied studios or vocal ensembles (load is determined in consultation with the keyboard faculty).
  • Students may apply for more than one Fine Arts Scholarship; however, if they are awarded more than one, they may accept only one of them.
  • To learn more about the Music Department, visit

Kelly Brueske, Coordinator, Music Department
CSB+SJU Music Dept.
37 S. College Ave., BAC 116A
St. Joseph, MN 56374
(320) 363-5796

Mailing Address
Mailing Address
If you are doing a vocal audition, please indicate the range in which you intend to audition:
If you are doing a vocal audition, please indicate the range in which you intend to audition:
If you are doing an instrumental audition, please indicate the instrument(s) on which you intend to audition:
If you are doing an instrumental audition, please indicate the instrument(s) on which you intend to audition:
Please list your intended major and minor fields of study:
Please indicate all high school music participation and list years of participation:
High school music participation:
High school music participation:
Please indicate how many years you have participated in each of the following:
Music scholarship applicants should submit an audition recording when they submit their scholarship application. Questions may be directed to Kelly Brueske, Music Department Coordinator at